Monday, 10 November 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge - Day 2: Review a Product, Service or Brand

I came across the Sleek makeup brand a couple of months at a friends party. I admired someone's lipstick which turned out to be a Sleek matte me ultra smooth matt lipcream. It was bursting with pigment. I was shocked when I heard the price! A few weeks later in Boots I went looking for it. What I found was so much better: Check it out.   

Rows and rows of eye pallets for €9.99!! There are 12 shades on each pallet, which is an absolute bargain. I chose two pallets Vintage Romance 141 & Oh So Special 658, a blush pallet with three shades called Lace 367 with “intensely pigmented matt and shimmer blushers” and an eyebrow pallet: Light 817! I also chose one of the matt lipcream’s in Petal 435.

Vintage Romance

Vintage Romance

I love the brow kit as I’m having an issue with thinning brows over the past few months, so the brow kit helps to keep my brows full looking without being too false. The kit comes with a handy mini tweezers, angle brush to get the shape just right with the pigmented wax, and another handy brush to brush on the setting powder. 

You can check out the Sleek website here.  
I'm sure you will love this brand as much as I do! 

Juls x

Friday, 7 November 2014

12 Day Blogger Challenge - Day 1: Why Do You Blog? Plus Five Random Facts!

I came across the 12 day challenge on Miss Sugar Spice Blog and thanks to Amy from Style Storms Blog for sending it on!

I started blogging in 2011 after my first year in college, as an outlet for my writing passions. I had imagined there would be some form of college newsletter or magazine I could contribute to, but sadly not. So this along with my love of literature, theatre, Film and life led to my blogging path.

This blog is actually my third, after two years developing the other two I finally realised what I wanted to focus on and moved on to Juls Hidden Gems. My blogging journey has been such a learning curve for me. I love writing, I just get lost in it. Unfortunately when I was finishing my thesis earlier this year, it had to be put on the backburner, but it has my full attention again. I have time now to actually root out those little gems around Dublin and on my other travels to share with you!

Five Random Facts

1.      Penguins have knees
2.     I have moved over 20 times in my life
3.     This winter is set to be the coldest in 75 years FACT
4.     The male seahorse carries the foetus
5.     Nanook of the North  (1922) is the first known documentary film

Juls x

Wednesday, 5 November 2014

Angel Park Eatery, Deli and Restaurant

Dare I say it but the Angel Park Eatery is a little gem! It’s conveniently located near my office, so today knowing I would be working late, I took the plunge and ventured down for a hot lunch.

The interior is simple, yet tasteful with a vibrant staff and a buzzing atmosphere; a New York eatery in the heart of Dublin city, compounded by thick Dublin accents. It makes for a very warm feeling, topped with top quality wholesome food.
They had an array of hot boxes on offer including: Malaysian Chicken curry, Chicken Dippers, and Chilli Con Carne. They also had a large variety of salads and sides. I chose the Chilli Con Carne with steamed rice, mixed leaves and toasted seed & carrot salad, topped off with sour cream. It was utterly scrumptious.

I would highly recommend this little deli, located on Lower Mount Street, Dublin 2.

Chow Down!

Juls x

Monday, 3 November 2014

Liebster Award Nomination

I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Paige, Queen Beauty blogger over at Miss Sugar Spice All Things Nice
Paige is a charismatic blogger, who has a lot to offer. I came across her blog on Twitter and have been hooked ever since.The blogging world can be isolating, but every once in a while you meet some new energy who livens up the blogosphere! Thanks Paige for the nomination!

The Liebster Award is about choosing to recognise flourishing bloggers.  There are a variety of badges, as well as different requirements, but regardless, the general initiative remains the same: 
·        Acknowledge The Blog Who Nominated You And Display The Award
·        Answer the 11 questions from the blogger who nominated you
·        Give 11 facts about yourself
·        Nominate 11 blogs who you feel deserve this award
·        Let The Bloggers Know That You Have Nominated Them
·        Give them 11 questions to answer.

Below are my questions from Paige:

1.     How tall are you?
                              5ft 6.5 in

2.    Goals in life?
To be a published author of a novel or two!

3.    Your favourite bloggers? 
My top three favourite bloggers are:
·        Peacoats and Plaid
·        Lost in Travels
·        Miss Sugar Spice All Things Nice

4.    If you had the chance to endorse a beauty product/ brand, who would you choose? 
I don’t particularly believe in endorsing brands. I’m quite honest really, I either like something or I don’t. If something is good, it speaks for itself!

5.    You are stuck on a deserted island what three things would you like to have?
·        Food
·        Water
·        Shelter

          (I like my creature comforts) 

6.    Would you rather spend or Splurge on Makeup?
I think both of these options are the same? I am addicted to the new SLEEK makeup pallets at boots!!! I have two eye pallets, one cheek and one brow. I NEED more FACES to paint!!!

7.    Song you love at the moment? 
I love The Scrip’s Superheroes; it’s such a feel good song!

8.     Celeb Crush?
Have and always will love Bruce Willis

9.     Do you prefer Straight or Curly hair?
It depends on the weather!

10.If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be and why? 
Edinburgh; To me, it is the most magical city on the planet.

11. What’s your go to lip shade?
Either Red or Revlon’s pale pink Chubby stick.

11 Facts about Me!

1.     My Favourite food is salad.
2.    I lived in Australia for four months
3.    I have two cats: Harry and Jessie, both tuxedos
4.    I drink coffee from a teacup and saucer, with a china spoon!
5.    LOVE Downton Abbey.
6.    Still miss my Nokia every day.
7.    Favourite author Maeve Binchy
8.     Favourite Singer The Original Rude Boys
9.     My undergrad thesis focused on domestic violence in the Victorian Period  
10.Currently reading The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society 
11.  This is my first Blog Award!

I nominate:

           Put a Bird On It
           Dipping in Dublin
           Penny's Vintage Home
           Pink Tea and Paper
           My Lifestyle Diary
           A Compass Rose
           A Golden State of Mind
           Heidi's Wanderings
           A Well Traveled Woman 
           Peplum and Coffee

My questions to you are:

          1. Reasons for blogging?
          2. Favourite blog post?
          3. Favourite time to write?
          4. Favourite book?
          5. Favourite Author?
          6. Favourite Film?
          7. Your favourite place in the world?
          8. Have you ever written about that place?
          9. Favourite Restaurant?
         10. Favourite means of transport for travelling?
         11. Favourite Blog?

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Happy Halloween!

The decorations are up, and the treats are ready for some trickery n treaters!

I'm looking forward to my annual  Hocus Pocus screening this evening; some witches brew to wash down some tasty kurly kale ����. 
If you're heading out tonight and want some last minute costume ideas, check out my articles on!

Last Minute Costumes

Have a Happy Halloween!


Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Fitness Mission Update

Since my last fitness post, I have joined the gym and my fitness levels are almost back to what they were in 2010! I have completed several runs all 30 minutes at a pace of between 7 - 7.5km ph, at an incline of .5 - 2.

So this week I'm focusing on healthy eating and I've enlisted some recipes from Lauren Conrad's 7 days to skinny jeans re-boot plan 2014! You can also use the recipes from her original 2012 post

My goal with this plan is to have no processed foods, chocolate or crisps and no wine for 7 days.
This goal was not only inspired by my mini marathon goal and the fact that I need to stand beside my beautiful friend on her wedding day as maid of honour in June, but I am also a chronic IBD sufferer. I used to be able to munch whatever I fancied, now even a grain of white rice, particularly my favourite basmati, popcorn or red meat can have me in the foetal position within minutes of digesting. 

So I am on day two now and I'm feeling great. I prepared one of the busy girl dinners at the weekend so I would be ready for the week, Courgette (Zucchini) Lasagne. I also cooked a massive pot of Vegan Chilli last night, which contains 8 portions and is perfect for popping in the freezer! It was so quick and easy to prepare. Also, don't be afraid to sub some of the ingredients, I couldn't find black beans at the weekend, so I used 2 cans of Chickpeas, 1 can of Black Eyed Beans and a can of mixed beans.

You can check out my meal choices below for Day 1 and 2:

Day 1 - Monday

40g Porridge
10 Blueberries
1 tsp Honey
100ml of Aplro Soya Milk Light

Spicy Tomato Soup
2x Bunalun Organic Corn Cakes

Courgette lasagne
Little Gem Lettuce leaves, Mixed baby leaf spinach & rocket
Cherry Tomato

Day 2 - Tuesday

150g Strained Greek Style Yoghurt 0%
1 tsp Honey
50g Strawberries

Spicy Butternut Squash Soup
Ground Black Pepper
1 slice McCambridge Wholewheat Bread

1/2 Medium carrot
Mashed Potato and Turnip
125g Grilled Cod Fillet

I have a feeling this is going to be a positive exercise!


PS: If you're planning on taking the challenge, let me know how you're getting on!