Monday, 30 September 2013

Critical Review of Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte is renowned for her classic & realistic writing style and is most famous for her book Jane Eyre, which she wrote in a realistic narrative – highlighting women’s struggle to find love while still holding on to their independence.

I admire her style as I have always been drawn to Gothic novels. While I enjoyed the depth she gave to her characters, it was obvious that her books were written from segments of her life as most writers use parts of their life for inspiration. Perhaps this is so obvious because we know so much of her history, as her books have been dissected by research for evidence of her past. For example Villette was written after a trip to Brussels and Jane Eyre after a period of loss in her own family & a couple of teaching jobs that didn’t quite work out.

Something I particularly admire about Charlotte Bronte is the fact that she used her writing as an outlet for her feelings in dark times and turned them into something positive through her love of writing & storytelling.
All of her books are written in the first person narrative, this is something I find hard to & would like to break away from when writing stories. Bronte’s use of imagery is something I would like to see develop more in my future writing. Charlotte Bronte had a unique gift of story telling and skill in creating suspense throughout the plot development in her Novels.

Ultimately, Charlotte's unique style and realistic approach, along with her vivid imagery & use of symbolism such as Rochester regaining his sight when he was married to Jane are a combination of what inspired me to write stories and move away from poetry when I was younger. Her suspenseful narratives are something that I would like to see develop in my own writing.

It is no secret to anyone who knows me that I adore Charlotte Bronte. I hope you enjoyed my review.
Who Influences your writing? How does it affect your writing?

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